We also wish to thank:

  • Leone Timing
  • Loretta and Bill Giordanella
  • Ann and Bill Herlihy
  • Alison and Sam Kenyon
  • ​Jan Silliman
  • Linda Franco
  • Tiffany & John Szeliga

  • Catherine Gordon
  • The Family of William Johnson
  • Mary and Peter Bearkland
  • ​Mary Ellen Westfall
  • Our Coaches and Teachers

Motel Thomas

  • Mercedes Hair Design

  • Rina and Fred Hart
  • Fleet Feet Sports
  • Mary and Steve Schug
  • ​Mary Anne Scarfino
  • ​Our Zombie Parents 
  • Tim Ely
Thank You

to all of our runners, volunteers, and sponsors!

Did you know that the Food Bank of CNY supplies more than 30,000 meals every day to eleven counties in NYS? Your contribution to this run will provide meals to feed the hungry right here in our own community. 


"Every drop counts when someone is hungry." 

~ Lynn Hy, Food Bank of CNY